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Class #3 Materials

Draft Agenda

Class #2 Materials

Class #2 Draft Agenda

Class #2 Pre-Read Videos

Governance-101 Excerpt (53 minutes)

Principles of Organizational Change

Governance-102 Excerpt (25 minutes)

Common Policy Tools that are Used in Driving Emissions Reductions and a Brief History of U.S. Federal Policy

Governance-103 Excerpt (13 minutes)

Ethics and Professional Codes

Enterprise-201 Excerpt (37 minutes)

Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management

Economics-101 Excerpt (42 minutes)

The Economic Dimensions of Climate Change

Class #1 Materials

The following materials were presented during the first class of this series.
Class #1 Agenda

December 19, 2018

Class #1 Pre-Read Video Assignments

The following videos have been produced as pre-requisite content that will be critical to the in-person courses. Once you’ve finished the excerpts from each course (e.g. Climate-101, Climate-103), please take the short assessment linked to beneath each video.

By accepting the enrollment offer, you have agreed to complete these pre-read assignments prior to the first in-person class. Doing so will ensure a more enriching learning experience for you, and for your peer participants. Once all of the quizzes are completed, you will receive an acknowledgment that will need to be printed and brought to the first class. This acknowledgment will be collected at registration and will be required for your participation in the first class.

Climate-101 Excerpt (14 minutes)

Weather, Climate, Climate Change
& Climate Variability (Part 1)

Climate-101 Excerpt (55 minutes)

Forcing & Feedback Mechanisms
in Earth’s Climate System (Part 2)

Climate-103 Excerpt (13 minutes)

The Basics of Sea Level Rise & Implications
for Coastal Assets/Infrastructure

Climate-104 Excerpt (24 minutes)

A Glance at the Public Health
Implications of Climate Change

Climate-201 Excerpt (10 minutes)

Key Definitions
& Terminology

GHG-101 Excerpt (21 minutes)

Basics of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Accounting

GHG-102 Excerpt (23 minutes)

Some Fundamentals on the
Energy-Water Nexus (Part 1)

GHG-102 Excerpt (49 minutes)

Connecting Food to the
Energy-Water Nexus (Part 2)

GHG-201 Excerpt (36 minutes)

The Fundamentals of a
GHG Reduction Target